Business Water

How can we help?

With Integra Energy, your business can save a considerable amount of time and energy on choosing the best match for your business.

What can we offer?

Water is the newest of the Utility Markets and is still very fluid with new suppliers entering the market who bring a new focus on customer service. Integra Energy have been involved in the Water Market for over four years.

Integra Energy have a talented group of Account Managers who have strong Water Industry experience and who can identify and resolve all of your issues, for example:

  • Helping Landlords to set up and manage multi-tenant properties with a single water supply
  • In Scotland – offering a flexible tariff to Landlords following April’s change to liability for empty properties
  • Advising on having meters fitted to unmetered properties
  • Working with clients who are entitled to improved Return to Sewer ratios
  • Managing multiple sites with centralised billing
  • Understanding the impact of Trade Effluent charges and making sure Industrial customers aren’t paying them unnecessarily

Speak to our Water Team today to find the best approach for your company’s needs.