Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have one point of contact for my accounts?

Yes, you will be in contact with your account manager who will manage everything for you, resolve any issues that may arise and help you with any concerns you may have.

Will my data be protected?

Integra Energy complies with the new GDPR policies which ensure the privacy of our clients. Customers’ data will be retained and used for its intended purposes and passed onto suppliers when necessary. All customer details will be kept secure and destroyed as soon as they are no longer required. Integra Energy might use your data for carrying out internal analysis.

How independent are you?

Integra Energy exists to work on behalf of our clients. We have strong relationships with suppliers and those relationships are focused on delivering the best outcomes for the client. We never lose focus of the customer’s needs in dealing with suppliers.

Can you tailor your service to our needs?

Yes, at Integra Energy we tailor our services to the specific needs of each and every client. Our dedicated and experienced account managers make sure that you save a considerable amount of time and energy on choosing the best supplier and they are negotiating the best contract on behalf of your company.

How are Integra Energy paid?

At Integra Energy, we may receive a commission for the work we do. There are no hidden charges connected to the services we provide.