Our Core Values

Our core values are: 

Passion, Team Work, Discipline, Trust,
Personal Development, Autonomy and Innovation.


We are passionate about what we do and we always keep up to date with the latest changes in the industry so that we can help our staff and our customers.

Team work

Success lies in working together to achieve the common goal. We create a company environment where our employees are empowered and motivated to help each other overcome any difficulties.


Our staff are highly trained to deal with a multitude of situations so they will always provide top-class level customer service and leave a positive, memorable impression on all customers.


We trust our employees to act on behalf of their customers and that they use their expert knowledge to provide high-quality customer service.

Personal Development

Our company culture allows individuals to set their personal goals and develop their skills, knowledge and expertise.


We believe that employees need their own space and that everyone has a different work rhythm, so at Integra Energy staff can divide and manage their own time and workload.


Integra Energy use a unique staff training programme focusing on emotional intelligence to improve communication and decision making under pressure. Technology offers personalised, face to face contact via video conferencing for clients regardless of their location in the country. We are constantly seeking to find new ways in which we can deliver our services in reaction to industry changes, keeping us relevant and vital to our clients.

The company vision is shared by all and as a result each employee can see how their achievement contributes to the company’s objective to become the most reliable and biggest energy consultant company in the UK.